6 Common Causes Of Pipes Leaking Or Bursting

A variety of sources can cause water damage. One common one that homeowners experience is pipes bursting or leaking. This can create a big problem in your home, and it is essential to protect your pipes from damage. What will cause a pipe to suddenly burst or spring a leak? Here are some common ways your pipes may be damaged. water damage restoration raleigh

1. Broken Seals

Any home appliances connected to your home’s water are associated with a hose and sealant. As your appliances age, the sealant may start to degrade. If you have any puddles around your appliances, check the sealant to make sure it is still intact and get it replaced if it is not. You should also ensure the connected hoses stay tight. The hose may become loose, especially if the appliance shifts, like a shaky washing machine. 

2. Corrosion

Over time, your home’s pipes may experience rust and corrosion that can cause leaks. Pipes can be made of different materials. Knowing the materials used and how old they are is essential. This will also make it easier to understand what to look for and when the pipe may need to be replaced.

3. Damaged Joints

Pipe joints connect the straight pieces of pipe and redirect water to different areas in your home. These joints will deteriorate over time due to extreme temperatures and high water pressure. If you can hear a banging or ticking noise in your pipes, this is a sign that you may have some joint damage.

4. High Water Pressure

Water pressure can hit your pipes hard. Maintaining safe water pressure in your home is a good idea because pipes and faucets can only handle so much pressure. If the pressure is too high, it can cause leaky pipes, and in extreme cases, it can cause your pipes to burst.

5. Clogged Pipes

Clogged drains may not seem like a big deal, but they can cause a lot of pressure to build up behind it. This pressure can lead to overflowing and even cause the pipes to burst. It is best to prevent clogs by stopping hair and other things from going through your drain with the water. Installing hair drains is an excellent way to keep things from going down your drain. If you have a clog, you can snake your drain to get it unblocked quickly.

6. Fixture Cracks

Pipes or faucets that accidentally get bumped can leak. You should refrain from putting too much weight on your pipes and faucets because it can cause cracks in the fixtures. Repeatedly bumping pipes can also cause these fixture cracks, such as under bathroom sinks where you might store things. You should check this if you notice a leaky faucet.

Water Damage Restoration—Raleigh, North Carolina

If you experience broken pipes or any other kind of water damage in your Raleigh home, call the professionals at Proven Professional Construction Service. Our team of experts will be able to repair your plumbing and fix the water damage so your home can be safe again.

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