water damage restoration raleigh

Signs That Your Home Has Water Damage Where You Cannot See It

Water damage can come from a variety of different sources, including burst pipes, leaky appliances, and stormy weather. Sometimes water damage can be hidden in our homes because it happens inside the wall or in places that we do not look at very often, like under the sink or behind large furniture. Here are some […]

water damage restoration raleigh

Is The High Humidity In My Home Bad?

No matter where you live, humidity can put a damper on both your health and comfort. High humidity can worsen the temperature in your home, causing people to feel lethargic, irritable, and generally unwell. While humidity is generally thought of as hot, heavy, and sticky outdoor air, it’s essential also to consider your home’s indoor […]

water damage restoration raleigh

How To Spot A Leaky Window To Prevent Water Damage

Windows take on a lot of damage over time, protecting us from wind, rain, snow, and other elements. Unfortunately, that means that they become less and less effective over time. As any house ages, water damage becomes more and more likely to make it indoors. Window leaks are a significant culprit for water damage. Windows […]

water damage restoration raleigh

Causes Of Winter Water Damage

Water damage will threaten our homes no matter the season. However, winter is one of the most common times for water damage to occur. The harsh changes in temperatures can cause a huge strain on your home, especially if it has not been prepped for the winter. Freezing temperatures or thawing snow can bring damage […]

water damage restoration raleigh

How To Prevent Water Damage Restoration From Frozen Pipes

On average, Raleigh gets around 6 inches of snow in the winter. Sleet and freezing rain are also common winter occurrences, and ice storms have been known to make appearances during these cold months also. With winter in full swing, how can you protect your susceptible pipes from freezing during all this cold weather?  Water […]

water damage restoration raleigh

Oh No! My Bathtub Just Leaked Through The Ceiling!

It actually happened! You walked downstairs right into a puddle of water directly below your bathroom. This is an all-too-common problem for most homeowners that deal with water damage.  Water Damage Restoration Raleigh From our water damage restoration pros at Proven Professional Construction Service, here is what you need to know about the causes of […]

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5 Signs You Need An Emergency Plumber

Although water leaks are usually simple to fix, leakages in households waste at least 10,000 gallons of water every year. However, it is not only the wasted water that is a major issue; faulty plumbing can cause damage worth thousands of dollars to your household. How would you tell if you have a serious issue […]

water damage restoration raleigh

What To Know About Water Damage Before It Happens To You

Water damage is very stressful and is a dangerous event that happens at least once in everyone’s life. Because of this, there are key things that everyone should know about before it occurs. This is particularly important when trying to minimize the amount of damage present in the home.  Water Damage Restoration – Raleigh Here […]

water damage restoration raleigh

Water Damage Restoration: According To Professionals

Think you’re too busy to deal with water damage? Think again! According to restoration professionals, any time spent on mitigation will save you money and hassle in the long run. In this post, we’ll explore some simple points discussed by professionals that can help you understand the water damage restoration process. Please keep reading! Water […]

Emergency Plumbing Raleigh

Top Five Plumbing Tips for Emergency Situations

Many people get nervous when they realize they have plumbing issues. Others may decide to tackle the problem on their own, which may result in even more damage. If you have a plumbing issue, you need to ensure you call an emergency plumbing repair service. In the meantime, you could analyze the situation while you […]

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