When You Need An Emergency Plumber

emergency plumber garner, emergency plumbing garnerWhen you have a plumbing emergency in your Garner home, your first concern is your family’s safety. Next, you need to call to dispatch an emergency plumber. Then, your third question is “will my homeowners policy pay for this cleanup?”  

Common emergencies that would require a plumber might be:

  • Plumbing failure that causes interior flooding.
  • System or appliance failure causing ongoing secondary damage to the home.
  • A condition that immediately endangers health or safety.
  • No water or toilet facilities to the entire home.

It’s not always easy to figure out when water damage is and isn’t covered by your policy because the distinctions are so fine. Review your policy with your insurance agent and work with a water damage restoration team that is very familiar with the industry, like Proven Professional Construction Service.

Here are some examples of types of damage in which you might need the team:

  • Rain or snow storm
  • Plumbing: Burst pipes, frozen plumbing, faulty plumbing, accidental overflow
  • Water damage from extinguishing a fire
  • A leaking roof (coverage would extend only to the home interior, not the roof itself)
  • An accidental overflow of an appliance or fixture (toilet, washing machine, bathtub)
  • Mold (only when it’s the result of covered water damage)
  • Vandalism

What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

In a nutshell, “it depends.” In general, homeowners insurance may help cover damage caused by leaking plumbing if the leak is sudden and accidental. This means the water damage must be the result of one of the 16 identified “perils” covered by homeowner’s insurance. 

When Is It Not Covered?

As for the exceptions, normal policies do not cover damage resulting from poor maintenance. Standard home insurance policies almost never cover water damage from storms, over-saturated ground, overflowing bodies of water.  Some policies exclude water coming from a failure from a sump pump, check your specific paperwork. Some policies do not pay for a sewer backup that is caused by an obstruction in the pipe outside of the home or if the sewer backs up due to a problem with the city or other sanitary service provider. 

Does “Covered” Mean It Is Free To Me?

Not exactly. Residential insurance policies have what is called a deductible or co-pay; you are responsible for a preset dollar amount to repair the covered loss before the insurance company will begin to pay– as little as $100, or more than $1,000. And although most policies will cover the damage caused by unwanted water, they rarely cover the repair of the item that caused it.

Reputable, knowledgeable water damage restoration firms are not insurance representatives and cannot interpret your policy, but they can help you to meet your obligation to ‘preserve and protect’ your home and contents from further damage. .

Professional Emergency Plumber In Garner 

Arrange for a qualified emergency plumber in Garner that specializes in water damage restoration like Proven Professional Construction Service to come out and assist you in your emergency protection efforts. Proven Professional Construction Service is the company to call for a plumbing emergency. The technicians will arrive with the equipment and experience to correct the problem plus keep your family safe. 

What does not require an emergency plumber can be schedule ahead. Non-plumbing emergencies include:

  • Preventative maintenance such as a furnace tune-up or water heater flush
  • Slow running drain clogs
  • Remodel work
  • Inspections
  • Appliance installation, such as garbage disposal replacement or ice machine hook ups

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