Reasons For Emergency Plumbing When Appliance Spews?

emergency plumber garner, emergency plumbing services garner, emergency plumbing garnerThink of all the hours of housework that have been eliminated by the modern home: washing machines, dishwashers, clothes dryers, hot water heaters, shop vacs, carpet steamers. Now think of all those gallons of water (dirty or clean) that could damage your home.

Any appliance that uses water can fail. And when water escapes into your home, it can wreak havoc and cause water damage to your home if not handled quickly. Materials like drywall, wood, and carpet can degrade. Even worse, water might lead to a mold infestation. 

Emergency Plumbing In Garner

Look For Potential Problems

Keep an eye on newly replaced appliances. Make sure that all of the fittings are connected securely. Inspect underneath, as well as behind the unit, for the first several uses. Use a flashlight and look for signs of leaks.  

Be vigilant and have faulty parts (or the entire unit) replaced at the first sign of damage. Always replace it with the proper hardware. If you must replace the hoses, ensure that you are purchasing the proper size and material type. Stainless steel braided hoses are great; they fit in tight spaces without kinking. If your hot water heater or washer is located on a second story, consider placing a pan under the appliance to catch any small spills and buy you some time. 

Water Heaters

Hardworking heaters have a limited life. The expected usefulness of a water heater is about 8 to 12 years, depending on  the location and design of the unit, quality of installation, maintenance schedule and local water quality. Replacing a hot water heater will cost you about $900- $3000. However, the average cost to repair home damage from a catastrophic failure is also $3000. So paying attention to the needs and conditions of your unit will save you money and aggravation.


Dishwashers have an average life expectancy of 7-12 years, with 20% of them expected to break down within 3-4 years. Dishwashers typically have two different water lines, one that heads to the kitchen sink faucet, and one that leads to the disposal or drain. Observe any drips or signs of water damage under the sink where the lines enter and exit the system.  If you notice a problem with the water lines, call a professional immediately. 

Refrigerators with Ice Makers

Many kitchen floods are caused by a broken refrigerator ice maker water supply line or connection. The water lines on ice makers within refrigerators can be easily damaged when moved. The typical plastic water supply line degrades and cracks; replace the inexpensive plastic with a copper or stainless steel line that offers better durability.  

Who Can You Call?

Emergency plumbing professionals also work with all kinds of appliances: washer, dishwasher, faucets, drains, or even sprinkler systems. Arrange for a qualified firm that specializes in emergency plumbing to come out and assist you in your emergency protection efforts. The technicians will quickly arrive with the equipment and experience to correct the problem plus keep your family safe.

The Best Of Both Worlds in Garner

Depending on your emergency plumbing needs, you might need a plumber AND a restorer. Thankfully one phone call will access both in the Wake County area. Proven Professional Construction Service knows that water problems progress exponentially so they provide immediate service to lessen the damage and repair your home quickly. When you need fast, friendly, and reliable emergency plumbing services in the Raleigh area, call Proven Professional Construction Services. This plumbing and restoration team offers a wide number of services such as whole-house repiping, sump pumps, kitchen remodeling, and other installations. When your home suffers water damage as a result of an emergency plumbing issue or another source, you can rely on our team to be there for you 24/7.

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