Frozen Pipes And Emergency Plumbing

emergency plumbing raleigh, professional plumbing raleighA typical winter in Raleigh brings in several bouts of cold with the possibility of snow and sleet. Not only does a quick cold snap wreak havoc on your garden, it sets up the opportunity for frozen pipes and a call to an emergency plumber. So for the next few months: watch the weather forecasts, keep insulation supplies handy and call Proven Professional Construction Service if you have a problem.

The Scope Of The Problem

One of the most common homeowners insurance claims is water damage from bursting pipes. Most frequently, frozen pipes occur in unheated areas such as the attic, an unfinished basement, crawl space or a garage. The average burst pipe can cost a homeowner around $5,000 due to the extensive water damage to walls, carpets, floors and furnishings. So to save money a) prevent pipes from freezing and b) prevent frozen pipes for bursting.


Pipes in outside walls and in the attic are vulnerable to freezing. Where possible, seal gaps around holes where pipes run through walls or floors. One way to prevent pipes from cracking during extreme cold is to turn on your faucets to allow a slow but steady stream to escape. This will keep water moving through the channels, and most importantly, prevent pressure from building up inside. Open cabinet doors below sinks to allow warm air to circulate.  

Before the cold weather sets in, here are a few actions you can take now to lessen your losses:

  • Maintain a consistent temperature (above 55*) on the thermostat- even when on vacation
  • Identify where your shutoff valve is located to shut off water ASAP if a pipe bursts
  • Buy the proper hose bib covers and weatherstripping for exterior doors and windows

Addressing An Immediate Problem

When water in a pipe freezes and expands, it can put tremendous pressure between the faucet and the blockage. The pressure can make the pipe crack or even burst. Frozen pipes are more than just an inconvenient loss of running water; left untreated, a burst pipe can result in costly damage to your home. With the average claim cost around $5,000, calling a professional is the best way to ensure the problem is taken care of promptly and correctly. 

Many homeowners are tempted to thaw the pipes themselves, but this can make the problem significantly worse. Frozen water acts as a plug in a pipe, and if thawed incorrectly, can cause water to spill out the cracks in your pipes. Improper heating procedures, such as using an open flame, can spark a fire or result in electrical shock. 

If you suspect that you have a frozen pipe, call Proven Professional Construction Services immediately. They will work to relieve the pressure without bursting the pipe. If it is too loate and the pipe has burst, you have a true plumbing emergency. 

Emergency Plumbing In Raleigh

Depending on your plumbing emergency, you might need a plumber AND a restoration expert. Thankfully, one phone call will access both in Raleigh. Proven Professional Construction Service knows that water problems progress exponentially so we provide immediate service to lessen the damage and repair your home quickly.

This plumbing and restoration team offers a wide number of services such as whole-house repiping, sump pumps, kitchen remodeling, and other installations. When your home suffers water damage as a result of a plumbing issue or another source, you can rely on Proven Professional Construction Services to be there for you 24/7.  

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