Do You Know The Signs Of A Plumbing Emergency?

emergency plumbing raleigh, sewage removal raleigh, emergency sewage removal raleighAs a homeowner, sometimes it feels like you are living in a magical, mysterious box. Why is the internet connection so bad in the backyard but great in the front? Why does the heater kick on at 4:00 am – but only on Tuesdays? Is it safe to store pans in the broiler? How do you clean behind the fridge?

One area that you must manage well is your plumbing system. Clean water is supposed to come into your home,  perform a task, and then leave safely. But, given the number of pipes, water lines, fixtures, and appliances in a typical home, you need help. Everyday you and your family turn a handle or push a button that has the potential to leak, spill on or flood your house with excess water. 

To protect your home, be on the lookout for signs that your plumbing needs some professional attention. Some situations can be solved with a wrench and a Youtube tutorial. Some will need a visit from a professional plumber. A few problems need an emergency visit as soon as possible. In Raleigh, Proven Professional Construction Service has the staff, the fleet, and the resources to respond immediately to your call for help.

Always An Emergency

Plumbing emergencies include floods due to failed sump pumps, burst pipes, sewage, or water shut off valve failures. These examples can cause significant damage to structures and possessions. Your family’s safety is at risk from dirty water, mold spores and a decrease in air quality in the home. 

While a clogged toilet might wait until the morning (if you have a second bathroom), when sewage spills onto the floor from a blocked toilet, an emergency plumber is the safest solution. The team has the skills and equipment available to unblock your toilet, clean up, and keep your family safe.

Water heaters have a lifespan of less than 20 years. When your unit fails, it can send 50 gallons of dirty water into your attic, basement, or closet. That water will stain and damage walls, floors and insulation. This amount of water will not dry out without professional clean up.

Sagging ceilings mean that so much water is waiting in the attic or an upper floor. You must 1) find the source, 2) repair the failure, and 3) begin cleanup immediately. You have water infiltrating hidden and inaccessible areas that will lead to additional damage. 

Some other situations MIGHT be an emergency…

Are there mysterious sounds coming from the faucets or tank? Any noise coming from your pipes usually indicates a problem with your “bleed-off system”. When a toilet gurgles, negative air pressure is building up in the drain line which creates an airlock. This negative air pressure will eventually release and push air backward through the drainpipe and into the toilet bowl. 

Low (or unpredictable) water pressure can be caused by multiple factors. Low water pressure can be a result of a leak, a hidden clog somewhere in your pipes, or even improperly sized pipes.

Unpleasant sulphur smells wafting from the kitchen could have multiple causes. If the smell is just in your kitchen sink, decaying scraps of food could indicate a garbage disposal problem. That rotten egg smell could be a blocked drain vent that allows sewer gas to back up into your pipes and enter your home. If you notice a smell coming from all of your drains and experience frequent clogging, your main sewer line could be damaged. 

However, if you notice a rotten egg smell or hear hissing noises coming from behind a wall, it could be the gas line. Leave your home at once; call 911, your utility company and an emergency plumbing service. 

The Best Of Both Worlds in Raleigh

When you have an emergency plumbing mystery, call the plumbing team that can accurately diagnose and address the cause (and subsequent damage). Proven Professional Construction Service finds the origin of the problem and provides practical, long-term solutions. While you wait for help from PPCS, here are some emergency tips that can help you manage a plumbing emergency.

  • Turn off the water at the street (if you can)
  • Check your water heater, it’s a common cause of an unexpected flood
  • Control small leaks with towels and buckets
  • Call Proven Professional Construction Service and follow their advice during the transit time

Depending on your emergency plumbing needs, you might need a plumber AND a restorer. In the Wake County area, Proven Professional Construction Service knows that water problems expand exponentially. They are on call to provide immediate service when needed to reduce damage and begin repairs quickly. 

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