Handling Emergency Plumbing In Raleigh

When you have plumbing issues in your Raleigh home, it can be challenging to know when to call for help or when the situation is considered an emergency. Emergency plumbing scenarios usually entail problems that must be fixed immediately to protect your home from further damage or to guarantee the health and safety of you and your family. Some of the most common emergency plumbing problems we respond to here in Raleigh are:emergency plumbing raleigh

  1. Burst Pipes: In a matter of minutes, a burst pipe can cause flooding and severe water damage to your home. Cutting off the water supply and taking immediate action are critical to minimize damage. You should call for emergency plumbing services whenever you have a burst pipe.
  2. Sewage Backup: Because of the risks associated with contaminated water, sewage backups are always considered emergency plumbing situations. A sewage backup is not only uncomfortable and off-putting, but it is also dangerous for your health. To stop bacteria and infections from spreading, they must be dealt with immediately by trained professionals with the proper gear, equipment, and sanitization products.
  3. Gas Leaks: Gas leaks can cause explosions or carbon monoxide poisoning, making them quite dangerous to those not trained to handle them appropriately. If you smell gas, leave the area immediately and call for emergency plumbing services. 
  4. No Hot Water: If your hot water suddenly stops working, especially in the colder months, it may indicate a failure that requires prompt repair. Even though it may not be as severe as some other circumstances, the need for hot water could still be considered an emergency plumbing situation.
  5. Clogged Drains: Water can back up into sinks, showers, or toilets due to obstructions and clogs. If unclogging the drain or using drain cleaners does not solve the problem, it is time to call for emergency plumbing. 
  6. Broken Water Heater: Over time, and with wear and tear, your water heater can begin to leak or even cause explosions. It is important to call for emergency plumbing if you hear odd noises, see leaks, or notice that no more hot water is coming from your taps so the heater can be checked before major damage occurs.
  7. Flooding: Your home and belongings may become significantly damaged from flooding, which can be caused by excessive rain, a broken sump pump, or a malfunctioning appliance, just to name a few. Quick action and emergency plumbing help are necessary to lessen the damage and prevent mold growth from forming following flooding. 
  8. Toilet Overflow: An overflowing toilet can soon lead to water damage and sanitary problems in your home. Plunging may solve the problem, but if not, that is a strong indication that a more significant problem needs to be addressed right away by a professional plumber.
  9. Water Leaks: To prevent water damage from spreading quickly, any type of water leak in your home, whether from a faucet, fixture, or appliance, should be addressed right away and would constitute an emergency plumbing situation.

In each of these circumstances, it is important to put safety first and act quickly to prevent more issues from arising—which is why Proven Professional Construction Services offers emergency plumbing in Raleigh 24/7. Error on the side of caution and call our professional plumbers if you are not sure whether a plumbing problem qualifies as an emergency. 

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