Is The High Humidity In My Home Bad?

water damage restoration raleighNo matter where you live, humidity can put a damper on both your health and comfort. High humidity can worsen the temperature in your home, causing people to feel lethargic, irritable, and generally unwell. While humidity is generally thought of as hot, heavy, and sticky outdoor air, it’s essential also to consider your home’s indoor humidity levels.

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Humidity is the measure of water vapor in the air around you. The ideal level of humidity is  30%-60%. However, how do you know when there’s too much humidity? What happens if the humidity gets too high? What do you do if it does get too high? 

What Does High Humidity Look Like?

High humidity creates excess moisture and condensation, negatively impacting your health and possessions. It begins to cause problems when the home is regularly at more than 60% humidity. Here are some that can arise when you are experiencing a high humidity level regularly. 


Unfortunately, mold growth isn’t just an unsightly problem to have in your house. Many people don’t realize the dangers that come along with mold growth. It is both hazardous to the health and stability of our homes and expensive to remedy. Health problems will emerge with constant exposure to molds, such as respiratory issues and rashes. Moreover, it will pose a threat to the structural integrity of your home. Mold will eat away at surfaces the longer it is allowed to stay around, causing the home to fall apart over time. 

Damaged Items In Home

Most items in our home do not handle moisture very well, as they are not designed to do so. The paint will begin to crack, and the wallpaper will begin to peel. Anything that is wood, like furniture, floors, window frames, etc., will absorb excess water, creating stains and growths. The longer these items are exposed to moisture, the less likely that water damage restoration will be an option. On top of this, high moisture can cause plaster, joists, or studs to swell, leading to cracks, which are extremely expensive repairs

Combating High Humidity

To avoid water damage, there are a few ways to ensure that the humidity in your home won’t get too high.

Constant Temperature

High humidity levels commonly happen because of an inconsistent temperature level. When your home’s temperature constantly changes, it creates the opportunity for condensation. As the temperature rises, the amount of moisture that can be included in the air also increases. If you quickly change the air from hot to cold, warm air will cool too fast and turn into condensation. If you need to lower the temperature in your home, do so slowly, and keep the temperature constant. 

Proper Ventilation 

Proper ventilation is key when trying to keep moisture levels at bay, especially when using the shower, cooking, or doing laundry. This can be as simple as opening a window, but you can also make use of the A/C unit or fans. Use the ventilation hood when cooking and extractor vents when taking a shower or doing laundry. When doing laundry, avoid drying wet clothes in the home, especially if you already struggle with high levels of moisture. 

Ultimately, high humidity levels can cause lots of damage in your home, including water damage. If you have been affected by water damage, it’s essential to reach out to professionals to help you combat it. Professionals at Proven Professional Construction Services can restore water damage and help you prevent it from happening again.

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