Signs That Your Home Has Water Damage Where You Cannot See It

water damage restoration raleighWater damage can come from a variety of different sources, including burst pipes, leaky appliances, and stormy weather. Sometimes water damage can be hidden in our homes because it happens inside the wall or in places that we do not look at very often, like under the sink or behind large furniture. Here are some signs that water damage might have occurred in your home where you cannot see it. If you know the signs, you will be able to spot it sooner & work with a restoration company to resolve it before it gets worse.

1. Peeling And Bubbling Paint

When water gets inside your walls, it can cause hidden problems for your home. It is especially frustrating because you do not see the inside of your walls,  so you do not know that you need to fix whatever damage is being done. Cracking or flaking paint might be a sign that you have water damage behind your walls. Water can also cause the paint to bubble as water seeps through and gets trapped behind the paint. If you notice a large water pocket, especially on your ceiling, it is because water has somehow leaked and is now settled in that area.

2. Musty Smells

If you can smell any dampness in your home, you might have water damage. This unpleasant, musty scent often comes from mold and mildew, problems that can arise when water damage is left untreated. So if you smell that distinctive smell, look around. There has likely been a leak somewhere that has caused mold or mildew to grow. 

3. Dark spots

You might notice some wet or dark spots on your ceiling or walls. This is a sign that water damage has occurred on the other side. Water damage can often bring discoloration and watermarks that are visible. It would not be enough to repair the watermark; you must also fix whatever is causing the water damage, or it will only continue to come back.

4. An Increase In Your Water Bill

If you feel like your water bill has gotten abnormally high lately, it might be because of a hidden leak somewhere in our house. Check your pipes and appliances are not leaking or continually running water. If they need any repairs, fix them to stop the leaking and bring your utility bills back to normal. Call a water damage restoration expert for help with the cleanup.

5. Puddles And Pools Of Water

Leaking appliances and pipes might cause puddles to form around them. You likely wipe up these puddles when you find them, but something is probably leaking if you notice them reoccurring in the same places. This can happen under sinks if a pipe has started to leak. Wiping up the water every time you find it will not be enough. Try to fix whatever might be causing the leak if you can. Continued pooling can weaken your floor and cause water damage.

Water Damage Restoration—Raleigh, North Carolina

If you find signs of water damage in your home, it is important to get this fixed as soon as possible. If you need help with any restoration in your home after water damage occurs, call Proven Professionals Construction Service to help fix the damage.

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