Unseen Threats: Identifying Hidden Water Damage In Your Raleigh Home 

Water damage can be dangerous and expensive to fix. Part of what makes it so frustrating to deal with is that it can sometimes be challenging to identify. How can you properly combat against a threat you can’t easily see? The following list can help homeowners stay vigilant when it comes to quickly identifying signs of hidden water damage in their homes. water damage restoration raleigh

Sign #1: New Damage To Paint Or Wallpaper 

If you notice new damage to your walls that you don’t have an explanation for, it may be water damage at fault. Signs might be bulging or bubbling paint or stained or peeling wallpaper. Again, this is indicative of a more significant problem. These things occur when water behind the wall affects its composition, and the water is the problem that must be fixed before a new paint job. 

Sign #2: Sagging Drywall 

Drywall is a very porous material that absorbs water well and quickly. If its water content is high enough, it can begin to sag or change shape. Similar to damaged paint or peeling wallpaper, the most common reason for this is water behind your walls. 

Sign #3: An Odd Smell 

If you notice areas of your home smelling damp, musty, or rotten, it may indicate water damage somewhere you can’t see. This is especially common in areas with higher humidity or less circulation, making areas such as basements or bathrooms particularly susceptible. If you notice this smell, try to identify it, and if you can’t, call in a water damage restoration team. Remember that mold quickly develops in moist areas and feeds on organic materials like wood or fabrics, creating a distinct scent.

Sign #4: Mold

Mold is known to grow in damp areas as rapidly as within 24-48 hours, especially during the warm, humid summers Raleigh can so often have. If mold is growing on drywall or carpets, it could indicate the presence of water behind or beneath the area. Make sure to act quickly; once mold permeates a porous material like wood or carpet, it can require professional intervention to stop, often indicative of a more significant issue. The hardest part about mold is that it can go undetected for a lengthy period of time until you notice problems such as respiratory issues.

Sign #5: Low Water Pressure or High Utility Bills 

If your water pressure suddenly lowers out of nowhere, it may indicate that water is being diverted somewhere else. If the cause can’t be explained by anything else, you may want to look into the possibility of a leaking or broken pipe. Similarly to suddenly lowered water pressure, if your water bill suddenly increases without explanation, it may indicate a broken pipe or leak. 

Remember, in the case of water damage, the faster you act, the better. Water can sit and spread, and damage becomes more severe over time. Not only does this result in a more expensive problem, but it can also present a severe danger to the home’s structural integrity and to its inhabitants. If you suspect water damage in your home, don’t hesitate to contact our Proven Professional Construction Services team. We specialize in providing fast emergency services to restore your house quickly at any time of the day.

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