Water Damage Cleanup: Do You Suspect A Leak in Your Raleigh Home? 

water damage cleanup ralieghIn a year, the typical home might lose between a thousand to 20,000 gallons of clean water from leaks. This is a significant waste of natural resources and your money. While dripping faucets are easy to see,  some leaks go undetected for months. If your yard was ever emerald green next to the swimming pool, you have seen the cause in your water bill. But even less dramatic errant water on your property requires your attention. The water damage cleanup team in Raleigh at Proven Professional Construction can help with all of your indoor water damage issues. 

Water Damage Cleanup After A Suspected Leak – Raleigh Homeowners

From The Street To Your Door

If you have a leak somewhere between the water main on the street and your home, call your water provider so they can quickly come and investigate. Once a leak has been reported, the utility crew will launch into action.

Usually, they will start the leak investigation with a technician visit to confirm the leak’s location, size, and severity. When confirmed, water damage cleanup crews are routed or scheduled to make the repair. To repair broken water lines they might need to reroute traffic or repair the road if the problem extends that far.  

Normal maintenance of Raleigh’s water and wastewater infrastructure requires pressure and flow testing. Additionally, new builds in new neighborhoods require tie-ins to existing infrastructure to establish new connections. So sometimes, they plan temporary shutdowns for existing customers. So in your situation, they might have to inconvenience your neighbors for an hour or two in order to fix the problem at your address.   

Within Your Home

Your poor home might be sending you signals and signs right now that there is trouble from a water leak. The most obvious signs you can feel– are literal puddles on the floors or wet carpets. Or you might see stains on the ceiling, bubbling paint on the walls, or warped baseboards. Mildew splotches or streaks might also appear. 

If you have an active leak, you might even hear the water running, dripping or hissing within the walls. The last, slower, more subtle clue of water damage is a moldy, musty, mildew smell. Mold will grow in damp, dark places and emits volatile organic compounds that our noses will recognize as a damp, sour odor. 

If the water damage continues, tiles in the bathroom could loosen from the grout. Rust and corrosion will form on metallic surfaces. Wooden window sills or subfloors can degrade and become insecure. 

Make A Call For Help Today

Your utility provider will have an emergency number for urgent situations and an office number for smaller problems. But allow them to address the leak quickly– it is better for the environment and for next month’s water bill.

If you have experienced a leak that resulted in a higher than average bill, submit a request for a water leak bill adjustment from your water provider. You might receive an adjustment on your water bill. 

If the problem is inside the house, call the water damage cleanup experts at Proven Professional Construction Services now. The sooner that you have experts pinpoint the problem, the less damage will need to be cleaned and repaired. 

Water Damage Cleanup In Raleigh 

When your home suffers water damage as a result of a plumbing issue or another source, you can rely on Proven Professional Construction Services to be there for you 24/7. You can make one call to take care of both the plumbing and the water damage at any hour of the day. 

Proven Professional Construction Services is a local business committed to providing the highest level of service to residential and commercial customers throughout the Raleigh/Durham area. After water damage, be sure to call our water damage cleanup experts.

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