What To Do When Your Home Floods

water damage cleanup garner nc, water damage repair garner ncYour carpet is squishy and soggy, your paint is sagging, and it seems like there’s enough water on the floor of your home to fill a small pond. Excess water is certainly not a conventional kind of home decor, and there’s a reason why. Your current situation is probably not what you had in mind when you became a homeowner.

So, against your wishes, your home flooded. What do you do about it now? There’s a variety of ways that people choose to deal with home floods, but not all are necessarily the best for the wellbeing of you, your family members, and your house. That’s why Proven Professional Construction Services serving Garner, North Carolina, is here to lay out the recommended water damage cleanup steps to take after your home experiences any kind of flooding.

Stop the water flow, if possible.



The first thing you should do when your home floods are trying to stop the flow of water at the source, if possible. Sometimes, this is easy. If your home flood has been caused by an overflowing kitchen sink, you should obviously turn the sink off.

Other times, it might be challenging to easily identify the source of the water wreaking havoc on your home. For example, if your basement bedroom has a layer of water on the floor and mold on the walls, you may not be able to identify where exactly the water is coming from. In situations like this, it may be wise to turn off the water supply to your home until a professional is able to assess the situation and locate the source of the problem.

Unfortunately, the water is not able to be stopped. If your flood has been caused by rain or other weather incidents, you probably won’t get any results through yelling at the sky angrily. In these cases, there is not much you can do, so you can skip this step.

Ensure your safety.

Aside from the inconveniences house floods cause, they can also be a hazard to you and your family. Because of this, it is important to make safety a priority. Put on gloves when trying to deal with the damage the flood has caused, and wear medical face masks if you see signs suggesting that mold is present. If the flood is severe enough, temporarily relocate to a different place until the water damage can be fully cleaned up.

Contact a professional water damage cleanup company.

After the above immediately pressing concerns are out of the way, contact a local water damage cleanup business. If you live in or near Garner, North Carolina, contact Proven Professional Construction Services to assist you with flood cleanup. It is important to contact a water damage cleanup company as soon as you possibly can because the sooner the water damage in your home is treated, the less severe its adverse effects will be.

Document the damage the flood has done to your home.

The last thing that you need to do is make sure that your house flood is fully documented. You can do this through taking pictures or videos of the flood and the items it damaged with a smartphone or camera. This documentation will help you in making a claim to your insurance company.

Taking these four steps when your home floods are the best way to make sure the damage is dealt with efficiently and effectively. If you live in Garner, North Carolina, remember to contact Proven Professional Construction Services to assist you with water damage cleanup.

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