Protect Your Home From Water Damage

water damage raleigh, water damage restoration raleigh, water damage cleanup raleighNow, with us all spending more time at home, it is more important than ever to feel safe. Preventable injuries are a leading cause of death for all ages and include: home fires, burns, household poisons, drowning, falls. Injuries account for more than a third of all emergency department visits and cost the nation $80 billion every year in medical costs alone. 

Proven Professional Construction Services is always available to support you after a disaster; here are some tips to prevent one. 

Prevent Water Damage To Your Raleigh Home (And YOU!)

Keep an eye on your water bill. A sudden increase in water usage is often correlated with a hidden leak- either inside or outside the home. Wherever that water is, you can be sure that it will cause damage to any building materials. The sooner you get the PPC team onsite to investigate, the less damage your home will suffer.

Wipe up a spill right away. Falls are the leading cause of nonfatal unintentional injuries for every age group, except 10 to 24 year olds—and for them it’s the second leading cause! Wiping up spills is one of several simple ways to prevent falls.

Water damage often leads to mold and mold can make some people really sick. You’ll probably smell it ; do you best to identify and correct the source. If the area is more than a foot square, call our water damage experts. 

General Tips for A Safer Home

    • Install handrails on stairs and adequate lighting at the top and bottom of the stairs, falling is a leading cause of adult injuries.
    • Schedule an annual chimney cleaning.
    • Install or replace your CO detector. Deadly carbon monoxide can be created by open flames, space heaters, water heaters, blocked chimneys or running a car inside a garage (even with the door open). 
    • Test your smoke alarm to make sure it’s still working, and everyone in your household can hear it. Consider having both alarm technologies; ionization smoke alarms respond best to flaming fires while photoelectric identify smoldering fires.
    • Keep the metal mesh screen of your fireplace closed, but leave glass doors open while burning a fire. Only close the glass doors when the fire is out to keep air from the chimney from getting into the room.
    • Turn off portable space heaters when you leave the room or go to sleep. Space heaters are involved in 32% of heating fires but cause 82% of associated deaths and 64% of injuries.
    • Adjust the thermostat on your water heater to less than 120°F to prevent scalds.

Let Us Protect You From Water Damage And More

Here in Raleigh, you have a team of water damage professionals dedicated to protecting you, your home, and your family. After an emergency, our water damage experts strive to eliminate additional damage and risk. The technicians will arrive with safe and effective products, plus the equipment and experience, to combat the problem. 

When it is not an emergency, you can also schedule ahead for:

    • Preventative maintenance such as a furnace tune-up or water heater flush
    • Slow running drain clogs
    • Remodel work
    • Inspections
    • Appliance installation, such as garbage disposal replacement or ice machine hook ups

Proven Professional Construction Service has the knowledge, time, or tools necessary to make repairs that keep your home safe.

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