Mold And Water Damage Come Hand In Hand

water damage restoration garner, water damage cleanup garner, water damage repair garnerCleaning up after water damage is no easy task, especially if you are trying to do it alone. Water damage caused by flooding, pipe leaks, pipe bursts, faulty appliances, gutter malfunctioning, or roof leaks is stressful. When water damage hits, it is usually unexpected, and an emergency. Gain the support of professional technicians by calling them for help. Professionals are usually on-call all hours of the day because they understand the urgency of your emergency. Let companies like Proven Professional Construction Service help you clean up after the water damage in your Garner, North Carolina home. They are trained and certified to provide excellent customer service and perform a job that will restore your home to its pre-loss condition. 

The structure of your home sucks water in easily. Professionals can catch signs of water damage that you may not be able to catch yourself. Water damage affects carpet, flooring, walls, ceilings, insulation, and the structure of your home. The structure of your home can become softened and warped by water damage. It is important to get the water extracted and dried as quickly as possible because the structure of your home is weakened by water damage. Technicians will extract all the standing water with advanced equipment and then go through the drying process. They understand this is your home and will try to get you back to your normal life as soon as possible. In the meantime, your home may pose health threats.

Besides the possibility of getting shocked by electric currents, or getting sick from contaminated water, mold growth can be a big problem. Mold is a growth of fungus that thrives in a moist environment. Excess moisture or spaces affected by water are the perfect environments for this fast-spreading mold. The longer you leave water damage in your home without calling professionals, the more likely it is that mold will grow. Mold is harmful to your health, especially if you already suffer from allergies or asthma. Mold will worsen allergy and asthma symptoms. You may experience a cough, itchy eyes, headaches, brain fogginess, fatigue, or sinus problems. Avoid any of these problems by checking for mold and staying away from it. Keep children and pets away from any of these dangerous areas. Mold is generally a green, brown, or black color that you will see splotching along your walls and ceiling. If you notice any mold in your home, you will need to get it removed by either your water damage restoration specialists, or another technician.

Mold may be present before you see it with your own eyes. If you smell an irregular musty smell, it is likely that mold is growing nearby. Like mentioned earlier, mold will make you sick if you breathe in the fungi spores.

If you know of water damage in your home or suspect that water is causing a mold infestation, call the professionals at Proven Professional Construction Services right away.

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