Beating Water Damage At Its Own Game 

water damage restoration raleigh, water damage raleigh, water damage repair raleighRaleigh is the fastest growing city in North Carolina, and with it becoming a front runner as a technology mecca, it’s only going to see more growth in the coming years.  With so much migration to the beautiful, bustling city, home building has seen an uptick as well.  Unfortunately, while Raleigh may be beautiful and filled with man-made opportunity, it is also susceptible to some not-so-great natural circumstances.  With summer on its way and Raleigh’s storm season coming, it’s important to build your home to last through the years here.  The following are flooring suggestions for water damage-prone rooms in your home:

Basements and bathrooms are the two rooms in your home most likely to experience water damage.  Because of this, their flooring should be highly water resistant.  Ceramic tile floors are water resistant, but not waterproof.  Vinyl and laminate are affordable options that are also water resistant, and in fact are often marketed as waterproof, though this isn’t entirely true.  While they are waterproof to a point, they still can suffer from larger amounts of standing water, which can seep through cracks where it’s sealed to the floor and cause the glue to loosen.  Epoxy is more likely to be durable, especially when used as a finish for concrete.  It is never a good idea to use carpet in either of these home locations.  This is simply due to the amount of water that could seep into the fabric daily, causing either mold buildup, or extraneous amounts of time exhausted by having to clean the carpet of water every day to prevent damage requiring restoration.

Kitchen floors are most likely going to see some of the most unique varieties of spills, due to the amount of cooking and foot traffic that occurs in the kitchen.  Kitchens are usually cleaned more often than other rooms of the house, as its use tends to be more obvious to the naked eye.  Therefore, the flooring doesn’t necessarily need to be as waterproof, but it does need to be just as durable.  Porcelain is attractive and moisture-resistant, as is stone, though neither of these options are the most cost-efficient.  However, porcelain is more cost-effective than wood.  Wood is not only expensive, but it is easily damaged in the kitchen, with so many heavy items and the regular wear and tear a high-use room endures.  Vinyl or linoleum can imitate wood decently, and is definitely the cheapest option on the list.

If your perfectly selected flooring ends up failing you, contact your local water damage restoration company for advice and further information on what to expect regarding damage restoration.

Water Damage Restoration In Raleigh 

Proven Professional Construction Services is a residential and commercial water damage restoration company that serves the Raleigh and Durham areas.  The highly trained technicians implement a water damage restoration process that includes repair as well as drying any water damage that may have occurred.  To make the process as pain free as possible, Proven Professional Construction Services only requires one call to take care of both the plumbing and any water damage that may have occurred.  Our local company offers emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for when severe water damage occurs at the most unexpected times. 

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