Water Damage Restoration Or Plumbing Services: Which Do You Need Now?

raleigh water damage restorationAnytime there is unwanted water in your Raleigh home that can’t be cleaned with a towel or two, you realize that you need help.  But who– should you call? A plumber or a water damage restoration service? What are the differences between plumbing and water damage restoration? To help you figure it out whether you need plumbing and water damage restoration services or both of those services, check out these tips:

Call A Plumber Right Now!

Well, the obvious question is “are you able to stop the incoming water?” If not, you must call a professional plumber. Licensed plumbers are required to go through years of rigorous training and testing. They are also well versed with local building code compliance knowledge. Here are other situations that require a professional plumber:

Clogs and Back-Ups

Clogs disrupt your home in the kitchen, laundry room and bathroom. Get a plumber with the knowledge and proper tools to diagnose and solve your problem with minimal mess.

Severe, regular backups are common signs of a blocked sewer line often caused by tree roots, sediment buildup or non-flushable items affecting your sewer line.  Attempting an unqualified repair on a broken sewer line can expose your home to raw sewage and might incur thousands of dollars in damage to your neighborhood’s sewer lines.

Burst Pipes

Burst and cracked pipes can incur thousands of dollars in water damage and thousands of gallons of a mess. Sometimes the affected pipes can be difficult to locate so a plumber will be able to pinpoint the source of your leak and begin the water abatement process immediately.

Lack of Pressure of Hot Water

The cause of dribbling sinks and showers isn’t always easy to pinpoint. Pipe obstructions, city supply issues, and poor pipe design can all play a part in low-pressure fixtures. A plumbing professional will be able to recognize the source of your problem and provide an appropriate solution. Water heater defects can stem from a variety of issues, ranging from total breakdowns to minor component defects. Trust a plumber here to prevent personal injury and damage to your home.

Major Installations

Installing major appliances or fixtures will require the expertise of a plumber.  Relocating items like sinks and dishwashers will require moving supply lines and the necessary drains. Plumbers provide confidence against: ruined renovation, extremely expensive repairs, and building code violations.

Engage a Water Damage Restoration Team

When you have standing water, dampness, or other water damage, call a local water damage restoration professional. Water damage restoration technicians will work quickly to remove and extract the water and dry the damp areas using the appropriate drying equipment. After everything is dry and protected from potential mold, the restoration company will perform any repairs or reconstruction that is needed for your home.

General Flooding

Unexpected rainfall, leaking faucets, and burst pipes bring more water in than can safely evaporate. So while you may have gotten a plumber to fix the initial leaking, you’ll need help repairing and preventing mold.


When airborne mold spores find the perfect combination of organic material and water, mold can cause unsightly and dangerous problems in the home. You might see streaks and spots or smell the musty odor. Plumbers stop the flow of water, but restorers eliminate the opportunities for mold growth and repair or replace your materials.

The Best Of Both Worlds in Raleigh

Depending on your water damage problem, you might need a plumber AND a restorer. Thankfully one phone call will access both in all of the Wake County cities. Proven Professional Construction Service knows that water problems progress exponentially, so they provide immediate service to lessen the damage and repair your home quickly.

This plumbing and restoration team in Raleigh offers a wide number of services such as whole-house repiping, sump pumps, kitchen remodeling, and other installations. 

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